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I am excited that you are considering to join our team. Please review our team values and this document to gain an understanding of my own values in conducting research and how I train mentees. A brief highlight of qualities I am looking for are listed below.

Please DO join if you are (or are seriously working on)

  1. Enthusiastic about learning new statistical techniques that can be applied to solve real-world problems.
  2. Open to learning about yourself and your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Ready to hear about and overcome any patterns that interfere with your productivity and growth as a person and scientist.
  4. Self-motivated and driven.
  5. Able and willing to work independently after a training period.
  6. A fast learner.
  7. Results-driven/outcome oriented.
  8. A critical thinker.
  9. Organized.
  10. Maintain high standards in research.
  11. An excellent communicator.

Please do NOT apply if

  1. It takes you 3 days to respond to an email.
  2. You begin projects at the last minute.
  3. You prefer thinking over doing.
  4. You don't like improving yourself.
  5. You need constant motivation and guidance. (I will support you, but you need to be self-motivated).
  6. You are not receptive to constructive criticism.
  7. You are looking for an easy research project -- developing high quality research takes time and patience.
  8. You have no attention for detail.
  9. You cannot take responsibility for your actions and progress.

Opportunities Provided from this Group

We are a fun research team that is focused on helping junior statisticians reach for excellence and independence.
  1. Rigorous statistical theory motivated by real applications: All of the problems we work on are motivated by real applications, particularly related to neurodegenerative diseases. You will be trained in developing new statistical techniques that solve these problems and trained in developing rigorous statistical theory to support those techniques.
  2. Valuable coding: You will be trained in implementing the developed methodology into R/Matlab/C++/Fortran coding that is well-documented, efficient, organized, and of practical value to other statisticians. All coding will be made available via Github or CRAN.
  3. Persuasive writing & presentation skills: You will be trained in developing clear, concise, and convincing communication skills (e.g., writing, public speaking) that can be understood by statisticians and non-statisticians.
  4. Productivity and Creativity: You will be trained in developing skills that improve your productivity and creativity to help you produce enjoyable and high-quality work.
  5. Professional development: Our team meets once a month to discuss and learn strategies that impact our overall well-being, both personally and professionally. This involves exploring any blocks in our mindset, habits, and work strategies that limit our creativity. These monthly sessions also help us to get to know each other better on a personal level and support each other as a team.